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Bell'Avventura byscintilla

Tripping through life between Positano and Luxembourg.

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  • Silence is Golden

    Il Gatto’ di Patate  To say that one can scamper up steps to the hamlet of Nocelle tucked inside the hillside above Positano would be ...

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  • Buon Natale

      Buon Natale a tutti! We had a delicious lunch on the terrace in the warm sunshine and are about to take a walk on the beach to work it off on ...

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  • Fire in Positano

    I wake to an unearthly yellow light and the throb of a chopper overhead. Sunlight is lost to a haze in the air, and an acrid smell of smoke clings to ...

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  • Sunday In Positano

      It is early morning. The rustle of sheets gently nudges me out of my dream. But it is only the swell of sea breathing softly against the ...

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