The Journey of One, From America to Ireland

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The Journey of One, From America to Ireland

Ramblings of my journey from North Carolina to Ireland. The trials and tribulations of finding a job, selling my home and making the big move.

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  • How quickly things can change

    Shortly after I published my last post, I received a call from the Hyatt in Rochester, NY offering me the job that I had Skype interviewed for. I had ...

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  • just a quick update

    Time for a quick update. I had two more interviews since my last post. I interviewed with a Marriott in Fairfax, VA and a Hyatt in Rochester, NY. I ...

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  • When it rains, it pours

    Well, it certainly is not a soft day here in North Carolina. I've continued to look for and apply to jobs stateside, just in case something ...

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  • The great sell-off!

    Well, the time has come to really start downsizing. I can't take much with me, so it (almost) all needs to go. I posted a few things on ...

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Major Mel
Major Mel
3 years ago

Greetings! I'd like to have contact with a fellow American, who is now living in Ireland, for the purpose of learning about whatever tips, suggestions or ideas which might be useful to one interested in relocating to Ireland. I'm a semi-retired Senior Citizen currently living in Israel with my wife. We own our own home and would sell it in order to relocate and purchase a home there, naturally. I'm a retired Mechanical Designer & an active, if part-time, ESL English tutor. I'm a published author whose subjects of interest and accomplishment include short stories & poetry. The subject matter for said writings include one or more of the following: Sci-Fi, adventure, conspiracy, and a little, non-lurid, romance. I look forward to hearing from you. You may contact me directly, if you like at: I do not use my real name here, but what I've told you above is true Thanks, Major Mel

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