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Changing Plate

I’m Adriana, a native of Costa Rica who was living in the US minding my own business till I met my husband on a solo trip in Europe. In 2012 I choose to leave my busy city life in the states and pursue a life of travel and writing, dividing my time between my husbands home country of Germany and Costa Rica with our little one in tow! Big change, Expat life, Big beer and Good times! I’ve created Changing Plate to share the culture & beauty from living and traveling in both countries along with my experiences as a traveling mother. I hope you enjoy your time here, I love hearing from readers so please stop in and introduce yourselves, I like having names to the people I connect with. Thank you, Gracias, Danke!

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3 years ago

Hi, I am italian linving in Brazil....I lived in London for 8 years... and now i am looking for a job in boyfriend ,that´s brazilian ,did his PHD in Germany... so we are planning to moving over there.. the problem is: i don´t speak ya

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