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I came to Paris out of curiosity. This city offers me plenty of occasions to encounter things that tickle my imagination - arts, fashion and a vivid social life. My blog is about living in France in all its charming complexity.

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  • Meditation on the Moment

    I’ve enjoyed June so much. More than ever before, it feels. I just love every dulcet summer evening breeze of air, every unexpected opportunity ...

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  • Positive Vibes

    Ever since my last post and the decision to stop bashing my body and start living in full appreciation of what I am today, I’ve felt a lot more ...

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  • How to Start Loving Your Body?

    I’m done bashing my body. I’ve decided to stop complaining once and for all. Yes, I’ll never be perfect, but does that really ...

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  • Montreal Tulips

    Spring and even summer are here, yay! Canada is so different in the warm seasons. Everyone’s out and about and just making the most of the ...

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