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Our Life in France

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  • French life, how it's done

    Galette des Rois - The French tart with a charmHello Dear Readers,I write to you today about the Galette des Rois, this is traditionally a frangipane ...

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  • Life changes

    Hello dear readers,I have been doing some thinking about our life here today as someone asked if our lives had changed since we made the move, I used ...

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  • New Year Resolutions

    Hello dear readers,We always have a trifle for any celebration and it is always made in Mum's cut glass bowlGod knows what we would do if we ...

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  • Winter Proper - A Winter Wonderland

    Hello dear readers,Winter has hit us with a bang and we have what is called a Hoar Frost, this is a frost on steroids where crystalline frost forms ...

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