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Artist on the edge

A full time patr who is an ex-pat living and working in Brittany, next to France. I hailed from the emeral isle and landed on my two feet on France's emerald's coast. From Ireland to Brittany.

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  • darts and music

    an eveningout with the lads....

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  • grand turk

    In port in Saint Malo. this quite beautiful ship a reconstruction of a Napolionic Wars British sailing ship.

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    Answer to ShahinYou asked me, why?I replied!because you have never felt my heart beat under your handbecause you have never seen your smile reflected ...

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  • Homage to a great Arab Poet.

    Ho(m)mage to the Arab poetMohammed Al-Maghut1936-2006 He looked like a Connemara sheep farmer,he wrote like a Celtic warrior,He looked like a ...

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