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Living the Bohemian lifestyle in modern day Bohemia known as the Czech Republic. Located in a small village near Chrudim. Restoring a 500 year old farmhouse. I try to live a lifestyle in tune with the symbiotic nature of life and the Earth. I prefer to use natural principles of gardening and husbandry to produce food for my family or buy from others of like mind. I seek to replace what I take away, to restore what has been destroyed and to leave more for the next generation. I enjoy gardening. I collect and save seeds. I eat in season. I preserve food for winter. I make jams and jellies, wine and cheese. I cure prosciutto, salami and make beef jerky. I keep chickens. I think a fruit tree is a better choice than an ornamental tree for a garden. I think strawberries make beautiful ground cover for flowerbeds, and black or red currants make lovely hedges. Grapevines grown on a pergola over a patio make a nice shady place to eat in the summer. Borders of edible flowers are beautiful and nutritious. Herbs look great planted among roses. I really don’t mind dandelions in my lawn, the greens are tasty in the spring and the flowers are edible as well as make an interesting wine. I enjoy foraging for wild food. I believe that if you live in harmony with nature, nature will supply you with everything you need to live.

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John Moonitz
John Moonitz
6 years ago

I have to say . . . very cool what you are doing here! I hope all goes your way!

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