Our Man in Tirana

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Our Man in Tirana

Relections on politics, culture and society in Albania from a British expat now resident in Tirana.

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  • Welcome

    Welcome to Our Man in Tirana. I moved to Tirana, capital of Albania, in October 2005 and left in October 2007. This blog is a mix of photographs, ...

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  • Mark Mardell in Albania

    Mark Mardell, the BBC's European editor, has made his first visit to Albania and is blogging about the country on the BBC website.

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  • Whimper

    And now the end is nearand so i face nanananana...Never did like that crappy song.But it's true nevertheless.Tomorrow in the wee hours of the ...

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  • Hotel California

    When we first arrived it seemed that I heard it everywhere. Now, as we get ready to leave I'm hearing it everywhere again. In the last three ...

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