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Tokyo D'Esposito
Tokyo D'Esposito by: Adesposito

A Journal From Japan: The daily adventures of an expatriated American housewife and new mom.

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  • What I'll Miss

    What's that?  You're surprised that I'm actually going to miss something?  What with all the complaining I've done over ...

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  • Play Halls

    I can't ride off into the sunset without a word or two about the "children's play halls" (jidoukan, 児童館) that you can find ...

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  • Cute Cars Redux

    This post is just to share photos I've collected of a fun Japanese trend.  It's popular  (more so than in the US) to decorate the ...

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  • Bento Bonanza

    If you have a Pinterest account, you most likely know to what "bento" refers.  For anyone unfamiliar, they're the little Japanese ...

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