tokyo expat life

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tokyo expat life
tokyo expat life

A chronicle of my commuting life on the Chuo Line in Tokyo with occaisional outbursts on life in Japan such as fingerprinting!

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  • sexual harrasement on the trains - groping

    Commuters had another win last night as a poor example of a human being was escorted off the train (Chuo Line) for allegedly groping as young female ...

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  • back for a short while

    I am back in Tokyo with my other posting now complete. Not sure how long I'll be here this time. Back on the Chuo Line this morning. Nothing has ...

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  • condensation

    Having arrived back in Tokyo, I am now back commuting again with all the other monkeys. The Chuo Line is as busy as ever and the cold weather in ...

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  • one benefit of snow in Tokyo

    It is snowing in Tokyo today. The snow flakes are quite heavy I could hear the big ones landing on my umbrella. When I got off the Chuo Line in ...

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