Daves adventures

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Daves adventures

The adventures of a 19 years old german guy currently travelling in asia. Read about my experiences and impressions while enjoying the life here.

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  • Mt. Fuji: To the top!

    What is the biggest thing in Japan? No it’s not anime and no it’s not manga either. It’s fujisan (富士山), a mountain you might ...

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  • Let's meet: Haneul

    I found someone living right around the next corner!  Name: Haneul Current Age: 20 Country: Japan Language: Japanese, ...

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  • Phone and Internet in Tokyo

    The first challenge when arriving in Tokyo is finding a way to get contacted. In other words a phone. The problem is, japanese carriers are mostly ...

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  • Introducing: My Mamachari

    Bicycles are very famous in Tokyo. Nearly everyone has one. The most famous (and maybe cheapest) bike out there is the Mamachari. It has a only 1 ...

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