The Only Way is Japan

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The Only Way is Japan
The Only Way is Japan byAnnieOkonta

20 something English girl's adventures and experiences in Japan...

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  • The Japan Half Marathon Experience

    Prior to living in Japan I had never taken part in a race longer than 5 km let alone ran a half marathon, yet now I've ran 3 and will be running ...

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  • Exploits in Tokyo...

    Tokyo.. capital of Japan, high-tech metropolis, bursting with people and now another destination my adventures have taken me! This post is probably ...

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  • Fushimi Inari-Taisha: Torii, Torii and more Torii...

    Now that I'm living in Osaka the opportunities to visit, travel and sightsee in new places are endless! With that being said I recently took ...

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  • Let's Vitamin!

    ...and other funny Japanglish!As you may or may not know Japan is always looking to expand on the country's use of English. This coupled with ...

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