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Tadaimatte by: tadaimatte

Love and culture shock in Kansai.

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  • So the JLPT

    Someday I will know my results.Another JLPT come and gone, and results came out this week. I always resolve to talk a little bit more about it after ...

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  • That Old JLPT Feeling

    I will never be an N1 MasterI have quite a few unfinished drafts hanging around in my posting queue...whoops! Things have been very very busy for me ...

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  • Photo of the Day - Shinjuku, 1992

    Today I was linked to this fantastic HD video on YouTube of Tokyo in 1992. It's so clear! I really dig urban history, so I snapped a few ...

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  • Japanese Music in Concert

    T.M. Revolution performing at Otakon 2012For a music fan, I'm not willing to expend a lot of energy or cash to go and see a band - in fact, ...

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