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Disappointed Idealist
Disappointed Idealist byreturnofdagbert

The DI is about what happens when 'expectation' and 'grim reality' fight to the satirical death in the climax of a crappy kung-fu movie.

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  • post traumatic

    war feet (image by lunar/solar) The Crusher in the Tushar is not meant to be embarked upon lightly. Claims of its extreme difficulty are far from ...

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  • 29 days hath intolerable months

    I feel somewhat obligated to take time out of my busy blogging/copywriting schedule (pursuits largely spent picking navel lint and staring at the ...

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  • jean's knees got holes, and there's gum on my shoe

    into the blue, wild and cold

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  • martial mixology: the DI reviews a film

    Considering I would rank it somewhere between watching shirtless rednecks drive homemade vehicles up steep hills, and betting on underground ...

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