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Return to Japan

About my work and visit to Japan 10 years after I last worked in Japan.

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  • No Weekend Was Dull

    I only have 24 hours remaining in Urasa, and I have felt like I'll be barely making it out alive because of whatever stomach bug I have. I ...

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  • The Final Week

    Although I've ended my summer Text Skills class on a high note with positive feedback from pleased and caring students, I've developed some ...

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  • Weekend with Students

    I dedicated this past weekend with the students since I spent the previous 3 weekends with Adam, Yoshimi, and Masumi. On Friday, I went to a soba ...

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  • Exciting, Exhausting, and Expensive

    What a 3-day weekend it was! It started at 8:00 Saturday morning, leaving IUJ with a couple of Nepalese students to Urasa station to catch the ...

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