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Remote and Raw
remote and raw

Simplicity, surf and a raw vegan life in the backblocks of Indonesia.

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  • white roads to nowhere

    Since gaining autonomy, our local island government receives an annual budget from Uncle Jakarta that they can play with however they see fit. In a ...

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  • it's the time, and it's slow

    String out your hammock, wax up your quiver, the season is well underway. We have been back on our island home for almost three months, arriving in ...

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  • away for the wet

    You may have wondered where we are: have we disappeared down the crab hole of tropical torpor or into the heart of a deep green barrel, never to ...

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  • beach reverie

    While the pace of western life accelerates in a flurry of infernal busyness, and the time stress tightens like a corset as Christmas draws near, I ...

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6 years ago

Hi Great to read a passionate blog about a life I would like to live again,a middle aged surfer myself I have been searching for a place like you have there for a long time, I use to live in Bali but due to heavy traffic and pollution etc left, married and found a wonderful lady : }. I have traveled to Timor before and called it the Bay of Pigs you can guess why lol. but would love to return especially if you can share some knowledge of the surroundings there you have found.Be great to chat with your husband I love architecture as well especially using waste products to construct houses for the poor. Maybe you can also check us out at especially if you like raw living anyway keep up the good work. Regards Peter

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