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Wander Woman
Wander Woman byiamwanderwoman

A moderately snarky expat/lifestyle blog. Fat cats included.

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  • Basel Fasnacht 2015

    It was my second time to see the Basel Carnival. It still left me in awe. It was as bold and as vibrant as the last time I witnessed it.This ...

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  • Common People Eatery & Bar

    Common People Eatery and Bar was one of my most favorite places when I was still living in Jakarta. I even held my farewell party there months ...

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  • Purr Cat Cafe Club Bangkok

    I like cats. In fact, I like them more than I do people. When their popularity exploded on the internet, cat cafes sprouted almost everywhere. ...

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  • Pulau Macan

    We went to Pulau Macan, also known as The Tiger Islands, for a taste of island living. Our friends highly recommended it, so we checked the website, ...

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