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Epicurious Annie

A curious eater who snaps pictures of the food she eats and blogs about it.

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    I made a wrap today with sausage,potato,mushroom and bellpepper. A bit of vegetable oil to saute everything (except the tortilla bread, you just make ...

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  • Mark's meal today (minus lunch )

    Breakfast. Bread with soft cheese, small portion of Bratwurst and strawberry. Dinner. Basmati rice, omelet and grilled sausage And it started to snow ...

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    Just wanted to show you a bit of Bad Krozingen, where I live with my husband and son. Unfortunately my husband had to fly back to China for work and ...

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  • END OF YEAR HOLIDAY (in pictures)

    Our very first Christmas Tree together Juts wanted to say Happy New Year 2015!!! Hope you all had a great time! I stayed home and had family coming ...

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4 years ago

Very unique , your interest in food and the art of it name is omawumi, I live in lagos Nigeria,i also started another blog basically about entertainment, fashion and life style, news and happenings in Nigeria and in Europe, USA, Asia and all. I also need resource materials can also send me a short history about your self, what you do and how long you ve been at it?with pictures also of your adventures of the world of food.i wanna show case it on our blog ..also spread my blog to your friends..

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