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An working American's adventures in Chennai, India

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  • Thoughts on India

    As 2008 begins and I've returned to the U.S., this will be the last post of Chennai Journal. I'm starting a new blog, called Transitions, ...

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  • Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet...

    It's been about a week since I returned to the U.S. It's cold in Michigan---snow on the ground that has now melted with a rainfall a few ...

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  • Last Day in Chennai

    Well, so much for the end of the was a blustery, rainy day with nearly constant downpours--it has never really stopped, just let up ...

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  • Last Days in Chennai

    The sea shipment has been loaded and locked, and sent to customs and then to the Port of Chennai. The ship was to have sailed yesterday for Columbo, ...

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