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Donuts to Dumplings

Dumplings to Donuts is a blog by two small town kids who fell in love with each other, all things Penn State, our cat, traveling, and new adventures. This love of unexpected undertakings has led us to jump out of planes, eat questionable food, and now, move to Shanghai, China.

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  • Happy New Year

    Hey, remember me? I know it's been quiet around here for the past two months but I thought I would pop back in to wish you a happy New Year and ...

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  • A Love Letter

    Dear Shanghai,You and me, it was love at first sight. You offered me new opportunities, a new culture, a new country. I had never lived more than 4 ...

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  • Hiking Huangshan or How I Made Myself Sore For 5 Days

    When Matthew and I realized that our time left in China was limited, we began scheduling lots of weekend trips. One of those trips was to Yellow ...

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  • 5 Excuses For Being A Bad Blogger

    I realize I'm been a bad blogger the last few months. When we first moved to China, I was posting 2-3 times a week. I'm lucky if I manage ...

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