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The blog about Old Shanghai Published (about) weekly, documents, photos, book reviews and all I can find about Shanghai in the period before 1949

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  • Typhoon over Shanghai

    I recently came across this amazing picture of flooded street of Shanghai in 1933. Although considered as subtropical, Shanghai climate really has ...

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  • The rise and fall of the Majestic Hotel

    Front view of the Majestic Hotel Shanghai has always been a city of fast paced life and constant change. One of the best example is the fate of grand ...

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  • Shanghailander… Cafe and bakery

    The famous cafe Having lived for years on former Route Kaufmann (today Anting Lu), my daily routine took me to the Zhao Jia Bang lu metro station, at ...

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  • The best days for Old Shanghai are nearly over

    Being in the subtropical zone, Shanghai weather varies strongly over the course of the year. Art Deco behind the trees Summers tends to be very hot, ...

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