An American in Asia

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An American in Asia

Follow my adventure as my husband and I started our life as "empty nesters" by moving from the Chicago suburbs to Shanghai, China.

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  • Farewell Trip to Tokyo

    Chris and I decided to take a short trip to Tokyo as our one last vacation before leaving Shanghai. We only had a long weekend, so we planned to go ...

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  • Signs You Live in China

    Over the past two years, I've run into several things that make me shake my head and mutter "China...," often when trying to get a ...

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  • My Last Six Weeks in Shanghai

    I returned to Shanghai on March 17 for my last six weeks in Shanghai. It's hard for me to believe this wild adventure is coming to an end. Chris ...

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  • Early Spring in Elmhurst

    Wishing to avoid the congested Chinese New Years traffic, I flew to the Elmhurst on February 3 for six weeks. While last year I spent 3 months in ...

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