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360 Degrees of Sky - Life in Rural Zambia

Diary of an Irish NGO worker in rural Zambia. Photos, politics, funnies.

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  • Sayonara

    This blog is now closed. Copyright still applies however; thieves will be taken out and bullwhipped. Feel free to browse the archives, telling the ...

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  • Swimming

    Muscle pushes against water, chlorinated limbs working their way from one end of the garden to the other. To my right, Venus, cupped by an Arabian ...

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  • Conversation With A Housekeeper

    It's good to laugh. Today I am amused by an advert in the local press. No, not one of those ones for a Dr Love Chinganyi, purveyor of herbal ...

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  • Transmission Interrupted

    The house-sitting gig appears to be all set. Blogging may be sporadic or not at all for the next few weeks, due to lack of internet access and ...

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9 years ago

Greetings, our mission organization has been working for several years in Harare and because of the political and economic situation, we are not able to continue with our plans to start a small bible college. We have been to Lake Kariba (Zim side) many times but have never been to the Zambia side. We were wondering about the town of Siavango-if there would be services and property such as a large warehouse or house to rent. Can you find a good used car in Lusaka for around $3,000USD? We have always flown into Harare but this time will probable fly into Lusaka. Any inside information would be greatly appreciated.

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