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Wapi Ndizi Yangu
Wapi Ndizi Yangu bygigglingbob

Musings about Sudan, Kenya and everywhere in between

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  • Buy Shirts, Be Happy

    Wanna buy a T-shirt? Buy one from me.;) Am trying out to make some tshirts. I’ll be adding more artwork as time goes on.  Go ...

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  • The Kanga Book

      A logo I did for The Kanga Book .   The Kanga Book is being compiled by a group of people scattered across Africa and the rest of ...

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  • The Kenya Art Fair

    This year I felt very fortunate to be a part of the Wasanii Exhibition by Kuona Trust at the Kenya Art Fair.

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  • Overcast

    Its 2 a.m. Time for sleeping started long before but I ignored it. Preferring instead to stress my head with stupid games and stupid movies. ...

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