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Notes from the field

Expat working for an international NGO in South Sudan.

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  • To be continued...

    I was sick, burnt out, becoming cynical, and feeling like I was working on a project that wasn't doing good anymore (more on that later)- so ...

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  • The dreaded mozzies!!

    I recently got diagnosed with malaria after returning from the swampland and being eaten alive every night by mosquitoes! It turns out that it was a ...

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  • Just another day (stuck) in the office

    Our car slid off the road today and ended up stuck in the swamps... It took about 3 hours and lots of mud to finally get the car out. Not your ...

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  • Oil country

    Going out to the field last week I flew into a perfect airport with a great all weather airstrip and get into the car to drive on perfect roads. This ...

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9 years ago

Loved your blog and am curious about what kind of work you are doing there. I am considering taking a job in Khartoum to teach English to business clients for Winner Language Institute. I am wondering if you would be willing to share some info on living conditions there and cost of living. Please email me at Thank you.

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