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We Found Happiness

Our family moved to Lagos, Nigeria in July 2009. It is a compilation of ramblings about expat life, kids and everything else in between.

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raj 1973
raj 1973
3 years ago

I am planing to move LAGOS with my family from India ... My son is 7 yrs old .. hw is the education cost basically amerian school ..

5 years ago

I remember my friend, a Nigerian expat in the Philippines, telling me how she can\'t stand being stared at by Filipinos even in the Central Business District (which is a haven for expats). Now I know how it feels to be in her place, like being inside in an aquarium and being watched. I had to look at my back ever now and then for safety reasons. But I guess I\'ll get used to it in a few. But everything is new to me so I am happy to be here and meeting people from the other side of the world.

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