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Born in Sweden but came to Niger in 1986. Live my life half a year in Sweden and half a year in Niger. Best thing I know? Some sunshine and a blue, ...

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  • has moved!

    My blog was hacked a few weeks ago, but is now up and running again at its new the tales from ...

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  • Back from the bush

    I'm back from Tanout again and I had an awesome time... I love the day after we've wrapped up work and we go for a tour in the Eden ...

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  • Skywatching with Black Kites!

    I just came back from two days at the field station and it was amazing... After we finished work on Wednesday, a coworker and I went for an afternoon ...

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  • Heading back to Tanout

    Hi all! I am going back to Tanout this afternoon and I've been looking forward to it ever since I came back on Thursday. Hope to be spending one ...

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6 years ago

Oh, goodness, I fkranly never thought about it (which is probably why I'll never have a million euros).. I know I wouldn't stash it away, but use it to fulfill my dreams (as soon as I figure out what they are!). Still, till then, I guess I'll need to put it somewhere, and I'm not sure how much I trust (or like) traditional banks/investment companies these days.. (Would I give my money to the devil if it promised me a good return? Perhaps. But can I trust the devil to keep its promise? And would I have anyone but myself to blame if it doesn't?)

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